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Lakeside Restaurant & Cafe complex.
If you are the type that has to have a coffee before venturing out, or a social rider or weekend warrior of the hybrid variety that loves cycling as a form of exercise as well as recreation, then maybe this is the ride for you and more so if you live in this part of the world.

Before I continue this post, I would like to apologise to my readers for the long absence. Unfortunately I succumbed to some mysterious illness which was labelled atypical pneumonia and has laid me low for some four months. I am happy to say that I am back on deck and it is my intention to bring you some interesting posts.

Lakeside is situated in Victoria Point and consists of an array of eclectic restaurants and cafes opening up onto a small lake with a family or two of tortoises which surface  from time to time to check out the strange earthlings.

The ride is only 36 km but being on the bay it is very scenic in places. It also takes in a couple of forested areas which you should enjoy. I personally love riding through the bush areas because you seem to be so remote from suburbia. As you can see by the elevation chart there are no hills of any consequence that could make it hard for you and when you reach Cleveland, there are a number of food and drink outlets.

The views from the seafront at Victoria Point are extraordinary and more so on a beautiful sunny day. The photograph that you can see above shows Coochiemudlo Island in the background and is well worth the 10 minute ferry ride across to explore the island. There are numerous beaches fronting clear clean water for swimming. Depending on the number of passengers boarding the ferry, it is possible to take your bike with you, in fact why not make this trip on another day when you will have the time to explore the entire island and have a swim as well.

Sometimes paths fill people with some trepidation as they really don't know how their bike will handle it. Well, I can safely say that any bike will be able to handle these paths with ease. And.....I hasten to add that you will immensely enjoy rising through these areas.

Here is my trusty steed Scotty posing for the camera adjacent to a beautiful tranquil lake in Thornlands on our ride to Cleveland Harbour.

Usually the waters around Cleveland Point are quite placid but on the odd occasion when the wind is in the right direction and blowing hard and the tide is high, these placid waters can change in a flash.  I've paddled a kayak around this point in similar conditions and it is just like what I believe, paddling in a washing machine would be like.

Everyone has an icon in the city/town in which they live and the Grand View Hotel built in 1856 is one in which most 'Clevelandites' feel proud of.  It is the epitome of the colonial style Australian hotel. This hotel has a great garden at the back where you can sip an ale at your leisure whilst looking over the bay.

You're so right, that is Johnny Depp's boat from the film Pirates of the Caribbean resting in Cleveland harbour while Johnny the lad high tailed it back to his pad on the Gold Coast by helicopter. Oh! to be rich and famous.

I hope you enjoy the ride.

Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee


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