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It's quite amazing how many times you can just pass a beautiful area in suburbia whilst commuting by car and be absolutely ignorant of what you are passing. This is another good reason to take the time to research and explore to enjoy. In this particular instance, the area I'm referring to is on either side of the Carindale bridge crossing Bulimba Creek on Old Cleveland Road. I can understand commuters not knowing about the fabulous facilities that exist in this vicinity as I know myself, that if you take a quick glance to the right or left as you cross the bridge there is nothing to excite the senses, but if you take the time to research the area (a simple look at a street directory is sufficient) you will be amazed what it has to offer and only a few kilometres from the city centre.


Apart from the well known Pacific Golf Club, there are picnic areas galore, children's playgrounds and a well maintained shared bicycle/pedestrian path (Bulimba Creek Bikeway) which runs from Wishart to Murrarie. It's a wonderful place to take the family, have a BBQ or picnic. Lets take the initiative and revive the old fashioned picnic.....a great way of catching up with family and friends and it doesn't break the bank. Do it like the French....hop on your bicycle and if you don't have panniers, I'm sure you would have a backpack that you can use to take the following:
  •  French loaf + butter
  •  Knob of sausage or fresh ham + relish or mustard of choice
  •  Perhaps Pate de Foie Gra and stuffed olives
  •  Salad ingredients
  •  A nice bottle of wine
  • Red and white checked tablecloth (not obligatory)
and voila! you will have the makings of a great time.

I know! I know! .... the above photo doesn't depict something as simple as the suggestions above and it didn't come in a backpack but, hey! the tablecloth is genuine french.

The Bulimba Creek Cycleway is one of my favourite suburban bicycle rides. It is long enough to get some exercise but just slow enough to suck in some fresh air, alert the senses and chill out.

Boorabbin Picnic Ground
The start of the Bulimba Creek Bike way

When riding this trail, I find the best place to start is Boorabbin Picnic Ground in Wishart on the Southern side of Mt Gravatt - Capalaba Road. Enter by way of Stackpole Street and you will find ample car parking and toilets if required.

Heading under Mt Gravatt - Capalaba Road

The trail passes under the bridge on Mt Gravatt - Capalaba Road and meanders through a number of parks and picnic grounds, under Wecker Road and continues on until you reach Pine Mountain Road which you cross and follow the path beside the Pacific Pines Golf Club, turn left into Scrubb Road and cycle until you reach Kilmorley Street, turn left here and then a sharp left into Eromanga Street which returns you to the park lands. Eromanga Street is very steep, so take care. You will certainly get your thrill for the day but make sure that your brakes are in good condition......on the negative side, you have to climb up the hill on your return which will more than likely burn off a few calories on the way up.

Eromanga Street on left is the start of the big downhill decent.

The bike way crosses Bulimba Creek here and continues on the western side. I have elected to take the dirt single track in the past which makes the ride so much more interesting. As this is a walking track and I believe horses use it as well, it pays to be extra vigilant. There is no way, unless you were an experienced mountain biker that you could speed along this track as it is rough, there are exposed tree roots and the track is narrow in some sections. I normally ride this trail during the week, but on weekends there is a good chance that you may come across children playing near the creek or other pedestrians walking the trail, so take care.

The path is pretty much straightforward until you reach Minnippi Parklands and then it is a matter of following the signposts.

Minnippi Parklands

Minnippi Parklands
You can elect to turnaround here to begin the trek back or you can ride on to Lytton Road via the Murrarie Recreation Ground and Queensport Road. If you decide on the latter, it is best to turn left near Wynnum Road and follow the bikeway behind the industrial estate to the underpass of Wynnum Road and then it is pretty much straight sailing to Lytton Road. Only do this if you intend to cross the Gateway Bridge to ride the northside.

If your destination is Murrarie Railway Station, follow the path through Murrarie Recreation Ground and then crossing Murrarie Road at the junction of Queensport Road. The station is a mere 100m on the right along Queensport Road.

For those of you who are looking for something new to do on weekends link to or purchase a copy of Brisbane's Best Bush, Bay & City Walks by Dianne McLay published by Woodslane Press Pty. Ltd. (Most of these walks can be cycled as well.)

Happy and safe cycling and please consider taking off on your bikes for a picnic.

Jimmy Bee

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