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Bribie Island looking over the Pumistone Channel to the Glasshouse Mountains. 
When I saw the above panorama I immediately knew that I had made the right decision to cycle around Bribie Island and in this post I am covering the route from Bongaree to Woorim Beach via White Patch and beyond, which is at the extremity of the north end of the island  still traffic able on a hybrid bike. Past this point and you would be advised to use a mountain bike with wide tyres due to the the amount of loose sand to be negotiated.

Such a pretty island. So much to see. So much to do. I've been here before of course but this is the first time I have ridden my bike and I can tell you quite genuinely, it is definitely the only way to see it properly.
This little group of shops included a convenience store and cafe and was directly opposite where we parked our vehicle.
On crossing the bridge from Sandstone Point on the mainland, we turned left and found plenty of parking areas near the bike path. Finding an outlet for coffee wasn't difficult either. As a matter of fact, if time had allowed, it would have been nice sipping on a coffee whilst gazing across the Channel. Oh well! perhaps on another occasion.
A fair indication of the quality of paths travelled.
By far the biggest part of the ride was on shared paths. We did however, have to use roads on occasion but the traffic was minimal, apart from two main roads. This may well be different on weekends.

A bespoke retaining wall
Even the retaining walls show a line of thinking outside the square which is something unique in a country hell bent on making everything beige and boring.
View taken from the western side of the island looking towards the Glasshouse Mountains 
There is something very special and  spiritual about the Glasshouse Mountains as seen in the above photograph. A group of mountains, not all that high as mountains go but they seem to command a certain presence, something majestic in their appearance. I do have it on my list to ride and when I do I will bring you a post on it.

I can understand why Bribie Island is a haven for retirees as it has such a laid back lifestyle, excellent amenities and reasonable land prices including blocks with canal frontages. If there is a negative, then it has to be the distance from the City of Brisbane but I can't really see why that would bother anybody not having to work there.

If you are travelling on a hybrid bike, the entrance to the Bribie Island National Park  is as far as you will want to go. I have read reports that the above track to the far northern end of the island is a hard slog even for a mountain bike. Riding on loose sand is never easy.

The ride back was uneventful until we reached Goodwin Road where the rise in vehicular traffic was noticeable and this continued when turning left into First Avenue which took us to Woorim on the Eastern side of the island.
Northern end of Woorim Beach
Northern end of Woorim Beach with Moreton Island in the background.
Northern end of Woorim Beach with Moreton Island in the background.
Although these three photos show a deserted beach, this is not the case on weekends and public holidays when the population increases with day trippers, as this is the closest surf beach to the northern suburbs of Brisbane.
In my next post, I will continue this ride through to Buckleys Hole on the south western tip of the island and return along the western side to where we started.

Useful Information:
Always use a good map or a trusty GPS.
Distance: 27 km.
Surface: Sealed
Bike: Suitable to all bikes
Fitness: This is not a difficult ride.

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Cheers and safe riding,
Jimmy Bee

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