Tuesday, 24 July 2012


via the Gateway Bridge

As a result of a couple of phone calls, a small group of recreational cycling friends decided to ride from Ferny Grove to Murrarie via the Gateway Bridge. Two out of the three hadn't ridden this trail before so it felt like we were embarking on a new adventure.

Due to the logistical problem of having to return to collect our vehicle we decided to take the train from Cleveland. As luck would have it, we only had a 5 minute stop at Roma Street and no change of platform before we continued on to Ferny Grove Station.

Before continuing with the story, it is only fair to point out that the Ferny Grove Bikeway has not been completed as far as Ferny Grove as yet and it is better to alight at either Keperra or Grovely stations to join the trail.

At present, there are a number of locations along the way which are under repair due to the flood Brisbane endured in 2011 so be advised to take extra care whilst encountering these repair spots. Other than that the quality of the trail is good and as it meanders along Kedron Brook you will pass a number of shopping centres only too eager to satisfy your caffeine intake for the day.

A collage of varied sights to be had on this trail

The day was fine and although some what cold out of the sun, we experienced only light winds which made the ride all the more pleasant.

We came across walkers, families on bikes, single cyclists and a couple on motorised scooters.The only wildlife to be seen was a colony of flying foxes (a type of bat) as depicted above in the collage. We had very little problem with navigation due to the quality of signage along the trail. That's not to say carrying a trail map would be a burden, what seems to be easy for some people is indeed a little more difficult for others, including myself who finds it extremely difficult navigating my way through large shopping centres. So much so in fact, that even the thought of them brings on a form of mild anxiety or perhaps it is only that I am suspicious that every shop keeper in the complex will conspire to relieve me of my hard won cash.

Good signage thanks to Brisbane City Council

As we were shortly to flit past Stafford Shopping Centre and it was lunch time,  a decision was made, that possibly this was a good time to stop for lunch. I won't name the premises, but suffice to say that the coffee was OK but the service was absolutely deplorable. I know, they are probably understaffed, economic conditions aren't real flash at present and probably a host of other conditions.........all I can say is .......well nothing really.

We continued on the pathway until we reached Melton Road, Nundah which turns into Widdop Street, as it passes under the East West Arterial Road, turning left into Gellibrand Street and then into Zillman/Kitcher Road, left again into Lancaster Road and right into Nudgee Road. Finally turn left into Kingsford Smith Drive and just before you pass under the Old Gateway Motorway turn right into Fison Avenue and follow the signs onto the Gateway Bridge.

Will she make it?

You bet she will!

It's all downside from here on !!
Coming off the bridge, cross (with extreme caution) Lytton Road onto the overpass and turn left into Queensport Road which will take you down a nice hill to Murrarie Station.

Murrarie Railway Station

On arriving back in Cleveland we headed for the Icon Bar at Harbourside for a nice cool schooner.

For maps of Brisbane cycleways hit www.brisbane.qld.gov.au

I'll leave you with this metaphor--life's journey is a bicycle ride down the hill.

Keep riding while you're still able to ride a bike. The aches and pains after a good ride will soon remind you that you're still alive.

Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee

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