Monday, 4 March 2013


Excitement is building in the camp as some of these legs will be peddling in foreign lands in a few days time.
We had hoped to have had a better period of preparation but alas , this was not to be the case due to cyclones, floods and torrential rains. February is normally hot and humid but this year the temperatures were low, little sunshine and rain, rain and more rain. Is this part of the global warming that the scientists have been warning us about???
New Zealand here we come. The hoards of Australian barbarians are about to invade but in a nice way because we intend to inject some hard earned cash into your economy.
On Wednesday morning we fly three hours across the ditch landing in Auckland and catching a commuter plane to Napier in the Hawkes Bay precinct to start our 5 day adventure with  Takaro Trails Cycle Tours  (Link).
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand tour (Map with the help of GPSies)
On completion of our riding tour, my wife, who, incidently is also cycling with the group, and I will be embarking on a further 5 days touring from Napier to Auckland stopping overnight at Lake Taupo (world renowned for it's cycling events), Hamilton (equestrian and race horse breeding) and the Corramandel Peninsula (everything aquatic). I have only one complaint and that is that we're not spending enough time in each of these areas to do them justice. Unfortunately, my wife can only afford to take 10 days leave from her job.

Having travelled to New Zealand previously I know that if the weather is kind to us and there are no major incidents,  everybody is going to have a wonderful time and on returning I will be writing a number of posts covering each day of our tour.

Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee

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