Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Every now and again, I am going to showcase a cafe which I like to go to when out riding. Cafes add to the social aspect of riding as well as giving the cyclist that needed hit of caffeine.

PelicansNauticalTreasures‎ can be found at 293 Esplanade, Redland Bay, Queensland, which can be quite difficult to find unless you can walk on water, have access to a boat or know the indirect route and knowing how difficult the first two can be, I'll assist you with the below map.

Once a month, I peddle with the Peddling Pathfinders from Cleveland to Redland Bay where we always ensconce ourselves in comfortable surroundings to savour a coffee before returning to Cleveland. We keep coming back for all the right reasons - it has a balcony large enough to house up to a dozen riders. We like this situation because for some unknown reason, cyclists of all creed tend to shout at each other after riding and this can be annoying to other patrons in the joint. You have a 180 degree pelican's view of the basin and inlet, the staff are attentive and the service is good and the coffee and cake etc. is always spot on.



As the title of this post is 'Cycling to Pelican's for Brunch' I thought I had better include a breakfast menu. I can personally vouch for the egg white only omelette, simply delightful. This is a very popular secret rendevous......Give it a go.
Cheers and safe riding,
Jimmy Bee

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