Thursday, 10 October 2013


Spring in Brisbane is a magical time. Beautiful sunshine and superb colour can change a person's whole outlook on the world and there is no better way of experiencing this wonderful feeling of freedom than to cycle along the paths and trails of Brisbane. If Monet was still alive today, he would have had a ball bringing these scenes to life. 

Jacaranda trees fronting the Brisbane River

A lovely splash of colour

An arbour cover in Bougainvillea in full bloom

Once the gloomiest place in Brisbane, a place where no one wanted to enter the gates of.......Boggo Road Gaol, today, looks cool and inviting.

Changing the facade of an ugly old  building can bring startling results as witnessed in changing the entrance to this old gaol with some intelligent artwork. For more information on Boggo Road Gaol, open the following link


One of the first buildings to be seen on disembarking from the train at Park Road is the old gaol but instead of being gloomy, it is now part of a modern landscape of which the mural on the facade is a pleasant interlude. If you would like to know more about the Ecosciences precinct, please open the following link

This is a Map my Ride map

Of course, you don't have to use the railway to partake in this particular ride, it is convenient for our group to travel by rail with our bikes from Cleveland. We find that in most cases when starting a ride away from our district it is more convenient to travel as a group by rail and inexpensive as well.

Follow the bike path down to the river passing under the Schonell Bridge and turning left into The Corso. Rather than trying to give you turn by turn directions, you either contact Translink and ask them to forward you a map, use your GPS system or simply download a map from Map my Ride or a similar organisation. Either way, it is quite simple to find your way on this ride.

Jack Pesch Cycle Bridge

St. Lucia Golf Links

The Bicentennial Bike way

The ride takes you across the Brisbane River via the Jack Pesch cycle bridge, through Indooroopilly, past the St. Lucia Golf Links where our group stopped for coffee etc.We then proceeded through the University of Queensland campus, under the Schonell Bridge on the northern side, eventually linking up with Coronation Drive, where we followed the bike way until we reached the Goodwill Bridge where we crossed the Brisbane River again, through Kangaroo Point, continuing along the river until we reached Norman Avenue, which lead us to Norman Park Station and the end of the ride.

Difficulty: Easy
Distance: 30 km
Surface: Off road paths and bitumen suburban streets.
Highlight: Pleasant suburban ride

Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee

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