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From time to time, I intend to resurrect a favourite post and bring it to the fore so that new readers may get to view it without having to delve into the archives. This is one of my readers' favourites.

There's one thing about living in Brisbane, it is situated almost centrally between the Gold Coast/Tweed Coast and the Sunshine Coast. This gives the cyclist a plenitude of  locations to ride, not only on road but also on shared pedestrian/cycle paths.

A shared pathway
The Tweed Coast  has become particularly popular in recent years and although growing exponentially, it still has the laid back coastal appeal which many people like. Each of the towns of Kingscliff, Casuarina, Bogangar and Pottsville have an individual identity of their own and cater for a whole range of travellers, whether it be the surfing fraternity, foodie, family or indeed the fashion conscious. A good array of restaurants, coffee joints, pubs and supermarkets are there to cater for your needs whether you are a day tripper or vacationer.

On this occasion, we picked to ride from Kingscliff to Pottsville on the Tweed Coast of NSW. A more picturesque location would be hard to come by. We started at Cudgeon Creek, enjoyed a picnic lunch with our NSW rellies and then headed off to Pottsville where we rode a trail through whispering Casuarina and spooky scrub which emerged into a vista of golden sandy beach and white crested, emerald green surf. One of the joys of life is walking or riding beside the surf with it's rhythmic pounding of the beach and a hot sun overhead.

Casuarinas at Salt Beach

Spooky Forest

Salt Beach

Its not all forest, sand and surf on this ride, as you venture along the pathway you will come across a number of sculptures placed strategically and designed to appeal to your artistic side.

As this is a popular seaside destination and as the sun and salt air may have given you a thirst, there are more than enough licensed cafes and bars to enable that thirst to be sated. Be warned though, not to get carried away with the moment as the drink driving laws apply equally to bicycles as to motor vehicles.

Salt Bar, Salt Village

There are not many people who can resist the sight of Humpback whales breaching and playing in the ocean and the headlands between Kingscliff and Pottsville are excellent locations for watching these magnificent creatures as they go about their annual migration to the warmer waters of Queensland to have their calves and then return along the same route back home. Norries  Headland is an ideal location to watch the whales but if you have a set of binoculars all the better.

Perhaps you have in mind a spot of yoga whilst relaxing and taking in the magnificent views, the various calls of the seabirds and the mystical rolling of the surf along the beach. You are almost guaranteed a private spot somewhere along the strip where you won't be disturbed. Who could possibly remain stressed, having discovered surroundings such as these.

Salt Beach

Cabarita Beach

As we continued our ride we came across an ancient Aboriginal Midden (an occupation site where the remains of long past meals are still visible to-day).

I know that surf is tempting, particularly on a hot day but I'm about promoting this area as a cycling destination.......but .......if inclined, why not enjoy two great pastimes, cycling and surfing. You don't need a board to surf, so a quick dip into the briny will refresh you enough to continue on to Pottsville and return.

Cabarita Beach

Hastings Point in the background

Having reached our destination, Pottsville, we turned and retraced our ride back to Kingscliff where we had a farewell coffee before packing the bikes and heading off home.

This is an ideal ride for the recreational cyclist. It is approximately 35k return and is quite easy as long as you are in good health and are moderately fit.
If you would like to add another dimension to your ride, you may continue on to Brunswick Heads, NSW via a single track through coastel scrub but I wouldn't attempt to do this with a road bike and if you intend making a weekend out of it, time the ride with low tide and you are able to ride the hard sand from Brunswick Heads to Byron Bay as well. I intend posting on the added rides in the near future. 
I really appreciate receiving good, constructive and polite comments.

Safe riding,
Jimmy Bee

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