Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Usually I start all of my Redlands riding routes from Cleveland and I do this for a reason as it is the end of the railway line, making it a convenient place for groups to meet. However, on this occasion I  thought I would start the ride from the Sam Sciacca Sports Field Capalaba, as it is an ideal start point due to the good amenities and parking.

Tingalpa Creek

This park has bike paths running all over the place and is ideal for family outings with the kids and bikes and if you have a kayak or canoe. Tingalpa creek which runs through the park is a great place to go for a paddle. In fact you are able to navigate all the way to Thorneside and beyond. Lots of bird life and dolphins have been seen in the wider stretches of the creek closer to Thorneside.

I find it incredible that we go through our normal daily lives but fail to check out our own neighborhoods.  I have to confess that I was the same, our lives are so hectic that we fail to 'stop and smell the roses' but once you break out of the mold, a whole new world opens up and changes our perspective on life.

This particular ride takes in a number of light traffic secondary roads and paths passing through the suburb of Birkdale, skirting around Wellington Point, through Ormiston and onto Cleveland.

Raby Bay
Once in Cleveland, the ride takes you to Raby Bay where on a hot day, if so inclined you can take a swim or soak up the sun on the beach.

Cleveland Point
At the finish of the ride, stop off at the Lighthouse Cafe/Restaurant for a coffee/lunch or maybe a cool beer. I can hear the old machinery ticking over and you are thinking 'but my car is at Capalaba'. In that case there are a number of return rides back to Capalaba and I think I have written about most of them, so all is not lost as it is only a matter of flicking back through past blog posts to find a return ride that suits or you may simply want to reverse this route.

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