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Capalaba to Wellington Point 

There is normally more than one route between A and B and Capalaba to Wellington Point is no exception. This ride is similar to other rides within the Redlands in that it combines riding through small areas of forest, parks or native bush to rolling along the shoreline of Moreton Bay. Apart from crossing a number of busy roads, it is very relaxing and scenic. Of course, there is the inevitable riding on back streets but these are quiet and if precautions are taken, quite safe. Naturally enough, if you left your vehicle at the start point, you will have to return and this can be achieved by taking a number of routes.
1. Retracing the same path.
2. Looking at a Google map and connecting the green cycling paths back to the start point, through Birkdale and Alexandra Hills.
3. Completing a loop back to Capalaba via Wellington Point, Cleveland and Alexandra Hills.

Dedicated paths

On the way to Wellington Point, you travel via Thornside and Birkdale each of which display their own personality. This route will take you through natural bush land on dedicated paths where one is able to appreciate not only the variety of bird calls but also the coolness of the forest whilst riding through, particularly during the early morning and late afternoon. Queensland is noted for it's hot and humid summers and it is always a pleasant relief to seek refuge within the forest.

A point of interest is that  there is a well known canoe and kayak course on Tingalpa Creek running from Capalaba to Thornside. I navigated this trail some years prior and was amazed at the variety of bird life finding shelter in the trees lining the banks of this creek. There were times when the only noise to be heard apart from the sound of paddling, was the many and different bird calls, from the common Shag to the majestic Sea Eagle. It's moments like these that I really cherish, having so much natural bush land set aside for our recreation.

Various photographs taken in Thornside and Birkdale

Wellington Point is very picturesque and has a number of good food and coffee outlets as well as being able to take a swim in the salt water off the Point. Taking time out to appreciate the view whilst indulging in a tasty snack, coffee or cool drink under a tree or shelter is well worthwhile. If the tide is out, take a stroll out to King Island and back, which is worth the effort. Clean toilets are also available  for your convenience.

Wellington Point with King Island in the background
Wellington Point at low tide with the march of the crabs prominently displayed in the foreground.

Wellington Point

There are so many people residing in the suburbs who would like to ride for recreation and pleasure but are afraid of mixing it with traffic on the roads, even riding in dedicated bike lanes. If you happen to know any of these frustrated potential riders residing in Brisbane, direct them to either a Google map showing bike paths or alternatively, point them in the direction of Jimmy Bee's blog as there are many trails and paths on both sides of the river of which they can avail themselves.

I use Map my Ride for simplicity and elevation information. Become a member (free) and find similar rides within the area and elsewhere.

Cheers and safe riding,
Jimmy Bee

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