Thursday, 11 December 2014


The Peddling Pathfinders are part of the University of the Third Age ( U3A), Redlands group and was initially set up to search out paths, trails and roads suitable for the much larger Peddling for Pleasure group from the same organisation. We ride every Friday unless the weather is unsuitable and often take a train to the start of the ride and back again on completion. As we are purely recreational riders, the aim is more to the social side than speed and personal bests and apart from experiencing better health, the enjoyment is gained through riding in a variety of different locations around Brisbane. Each year, the number of suitable paths and trails expand and a lot of them actually criss-cross which offers a number of alternatives and variations, particularly if combining rail travel because you can start the ride from one station and finish at another. Our group is small and controllable which is a plus when crossing major roads, it is also easier seating 8 riders rather than 20 when stopping for coffee.

The benefits of riding with a group of friends are many:

You get to share great cafes and have a lot of laughs

There is safety in numbers and we support each other when things go wrong.

Cycling is an excellent form of exercise and it is much more enjoyable doing it together.

Taking in nature at it's best.

Sharing a conversation en route on the train.

or on a ferry.

Even doing the hard yards pushing up hill.

Some of us even wear outrageous socks.

Whilst others just don't give a damn,

All of this and more is a whole lot of fun when riding in a small group.


Jimmy Bee

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