Saturday, 28 April 2012

Get on your bike and ride

Thornlands, Qld

Never say never when it comes to cycling. So many people have said to me "I'd love to go cycling but I haven't ridden a bike for so long that I don't know whether I could. I'd feel so embarrassed wobbling about in front of the younger generation." This is a familiar theme of conversation and I felt exactly the same way originally, but then I saw how much fun others in my generation were having and I said to myself  'what the heck, I don't care if I make a fool of myself, I'm just going to do it.'

Boondall Wetlands, Qld

You don’t have to be an elite cyclist like Cadel Evans to enjoy cycling. If you enjoy reasonable health, you can hop on a bike and ride the paths without fear. You can be assured that your stress levels will come down as you feel the freedom of riding with the wind in your hair. The added fitness level can be of additional benefit to attaining better health.

Cleveland Harbour, Qld

The transition to riding a bike with 3x8 gears and 2 handbrakes was a little daunting at first but I quickly mastered it and have never looked back. I hadn’t ridden a bike for 40+ years and that bike had no gears and a back-pedal brake.  I have now graduated to cycling in various parts of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Redland Bay, Qld

A good tip for when you are re-learning to ride, is to seek out a large local park with good well maintained paths. As your confidence grows, a simple phone call to your local Council or Information Centre to find local cycling paths within your district is a good idea.

Clifton, Darling Downs

When touring on a bike in the country, you tend to be part of it. Your senses are heightened, you observe more and you can go fast enough to cover a reasonable distance.

Remember, you don't have to be young and agile to ride a bike, but you do have to be determined and willing to give it a go.

Shortly, I'm off with U3A (Cleveland) Peddling For Pleasure group to ride the East GippslandRail Trail in Victoria which should be very interesting considering the recent heavy rains and flooding they have had.

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