Thursday, 26 April 2012

Recreational cycling--Redlands


The Redlands in South East Queensland has some of the most interesting, scenic and well laid out cycle paths and trails within the state. One moment you can be riding on cement paths  bordering mangroves and then be on a dirt track, flitting between the trees and by a creek, on to a boardwalk crossing tidal flats and swampy ground and then back on a cement path and riding by the sea.

We don’t by any means have carte blanch on great cycle ways but South East Queensland probably has more quality recreational cycling paths than any other state except Victoria. On a fine day the views can be magnificent and fill you with a sense of wellbeing. If you are in need of a shot of caffeine there are plenty of good cafes to choose from as well.

When cycling the Redlands, a great place to start your ride (unless you are a local), is Cleveland Railway Station. Local cycling/walking maps can be obtained from the Information centre, (Phone: 1300 667386), which lies directly opposite the entrance to the station, within the Harbourside complex.

Cycling in the Redlands is very family friendly. Riding on footpaths is accepted, however, care and consideration must be given to those who are walking. If riding on roads, try to stay off busy streets particularly in peak hour traffic. The majority of paths and trails are in very good condition. Our major parks are equipped with modern children's playgrounds and there are a number of beaches suitable for young children.

My next post will be:  Cleveland to Point Talburpin.

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