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My wife and I were having breakfast, discussing what a beautiful winter's morning it was. The sun was shining brightly, the sky an arctic blue with just a touch of wispy white cloud and the temperature hovering around 18 deg. C. It was much too nice to be indoors and my wife said "Why  don't we go for a ride through the Boondall Wetlands?" Being the ever obedient chap that I am, and always agreeable to a ride on a nice day, I duly packed the bikes on the car and we made our way to the Albert Bishop Park at Toombul. From experience I knew that there was a car park at the end of Hedley Avenue, next to the Criterion Circuit with easy entry to the pathway leading to the Boondall Wetlands.

The pathway to Boondall Wetlands

Three Black Winged Stilts and a duck trying their luck in this pond

This is an easy ride the whole family can participate in. The pathway is generally in good condition and wide enough to accommodate both walkers and cyclists. A word of warning though, because it is a good path, it is used often as a training track for the 'Roadies' and they tend to get quite agitated if you happen to veer out in front of them when they are riding past, and rightly so. All that is required is a little mutual respect and to keep to the left hand side of the pathway, unless overtaking. Oh! by the way, a 'Roadie' can usually be identified by the highly coloured lycra outfit, sitting astride an expensive and usually fast road bike. This species can be either male or female but not necessarily identifiable until up close and can be found all over the globe.

The path follows the flood way to the north eastern end of the Nudgee Golf Course where it then hugs the north western border of the golf course until it reaches Nudgee Road. Be extremely careful when crossing this busy road. Follow the pathway north along Nudgee Road for approximately 1km where the entrance to Boondall Wetlands is clearly signposted. There is a poignant reminder of how we must be aware at all times of our surroundings, at the site of a tragic accident on this section of Nudgee Road, involving the late Ian Gilmore and marked with an old bicycle and a cross bearing his name.

Thirty years ago this area would have been referred to as a swamp, now we look at it as a diverse Eco system sustaining life for a myriad of different species and life forms. An area where Scientists can  research and the ordinary Jo Blow can spend the afternoon relaxing with his family.

The return ride is only 26km and is in reach of all cyclists who enjoy moderate fitness. So give it a go, take your time and enjoy, who knows, it may be the start of a whole new way of life. Should you wish, you may continue the ride past the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, through Shorncliffe, Sandgate and onto Brighton.

For walking and cycling maps of Brisbane, contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads on 1800 651 632 or www.tmr.qld.gov.au/  or www.travelsmart.qld.gov.au/

Keep with the buzz,

Jimmy Bee

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