Thursday, 18 April 2013


Flavoured milk as the perfect recovery drink is nothing new to professional cyclists but there would be many recreational cyclists I'm sure, who would welcome this information and particularly when it is coming from another recreational cyclist.
There have been times when I have been on a relatively long ride when I have felt the need for a 'pick-me-up'. Has it ever happened to you when on a ride and you think "Gee! I'm doing this ride hard to-day"? A lot of week-end warriors will tell you caffeine is the best 'pick-me-up' and they may well be right but for some unknown reason, having a conventional coffee, whether it be short black, latte, cappuccino or flat white, sometimes, has an adverse affect on me in that it makes me feel unwell. It doesn't happen all of the time but it does happen and when it does it spoils the whole well being of the ride. Unusually enough, a chilled bottle or carton of flavoured milk, caffeine added or not, has the opposite affect, in that it doesn't make me feel unwell. In fact, it boosts my performance and makes the ride so much more enjoyable.
From a scientist's point of view, it is interesting to read Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki's view on the matter
I can only speak for myself in this matter but it certainly works for me.
The above photograph depicts a brand 'Black Star' full creamy  coffee, one which I had not  tried until recently. When I googled the brand, I was suitably impressed with their blurb but rather than stringing out this post, why don't you travel to the link and see for yourself - Black Star Full Creamy. All I can say is I've tried, I like and I fully recommend, particularly if you want to reduce the intake of caffeine.
Cheers and safe riding,
Jimmy Bee

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  1. I agree jimmy bee! Milk is my favourite half way rejuvinator. Thanks for your help on the path at redland bay today... Though I did end up with an irate greenskeeper chasing me in his cart after a wrong turn at the golf course, I managed to find the bike shop and replace the spoke. keep on spinning and hope to see you on the road again (with that garmin someone is lining up for you)!