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Wellington Point, Birkdale, Thorneside, Lota, Manly, Wynnum, Wynnum North

Wellington Point, Qld.
Wellington Point is easily accessible by bicycle, car or train. It is a favoured destination for roadies which include the MAMIL (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) , recreational cyclists including COBWEBS (Crusty Old Buggers With Expensive Bikes) and families on bikes (Normal Folk). On a Sunday morning cyclists may be seen congregating for their caffeine hit at a number of cafes in this beautiful suburb.

Wellington Point, Qld.

On arriving in Wellington Point, ride to the point where spectacular views await you and be envious of those fortunate enough to be living in this paradise. Having consumed a coffee or combination of coffee, pie, croissant or any number of small delicacies to suit your palate you are now in a position to head off on your ride to Wynnum North.

Birkdale/Thornside, Qld.

This ride takes you through Birkdale, around Aquatic Paradise canals, along the foreshore of Thornside and across a bridge spanning Tingalpa creek. Once over the bridge turn right into Chelsea Road to Lota where you will find yourself back on the foreshore of Moreton Bay.

Lota, Qld.

There's nothing quite like riding beside the sea, a beautiful blue sky overhead with a winter sun showering warm rays of sunshine upon you. I always feel more energised on days like this.

Manly Boat Harbour

Riding along the shared path when the tide is in is a treat in itself but when the Farmers Market is held (3rd Saturday of every month) it is a spectacle to behold. One drawback is the crowds that are attracted to the careful when cycling on the path and remember it is shared with pedestrians.

Manly Markets

I thought I would take a breather here and see what the market had to offer. It was coffee I had in mind when I  came across this stall selling these really fresh and stunningly beautiful fruit smoothies.They offered such a great photographic subject that I couldn't resist snapping a couple of frames.

These don't come much better than this

A word of warning, it is safer to stay on the path then to go waddling in the mud at low tide but everybody to his own thing. I think even the mountain bikers would have found this a bit of a challenge.

Stick to the paths when it's low tide

You could spend an entire day on the foreshore of Wynnum Manly with your trusty camera and never run out of subjects to photograph....... seascapes, landscapes, action, architecture and more. If you are inclined, maybe a little artistic composition.

Cyclists love this area

There is more to this district than a lovely foreshore. As we head north we pass the historic wading pool, Pandanus Beach and jetty, cross over Wynnum creek and on to Elanora Park where there is a beautiful boardwalk starting at the car park and meandering through mangroves. Until recently, it was possible to ride all the way to the bird hide but, unfortunately for cyclists, this area is now restricted to pedestrians. None the less it is well worth spending the extra time to walk along the boardwalk and on to the bird hide where you will be rewarded with further photo opportunities.

Wynnum Creek

Boardwalk Mangroves

There are many places along the foreshore where cyclists can regroup attend to calls of nature, feed the inner man and if you are cycling with a young family you will find playgrounds, beach and wading pool to occupy them when bored.

As this is a reasonably long ride for some recreational cyclists, there is no need to struggle on if feeling a bit jaded as there are a number of train stations along this journey to take you and your bike back to Wellington Point, if that is where you started or further on towards Brisbane.


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