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                                                   Via Newstead Park and Goodwill bridge

Le Bon Choix Patisserie

Hamilton reach of the Brisbane River with the Gateway Bridge in the background.

Our journey continues from Racecourse Road, Ascot after having a delightful break at Le Bon Choix and continues along the Brisbane River south towards the city of Brisbane.

Original colonial architecture

As you ride along the river, you can't help but appreciate some excellent examples of Colonial Queensland architecture. Over the years these houses have been carefully maintained and are a monument to both the flair of the architects and the skill of the builders who erected them.
Top photo: The entrance to Breakfast Creek. Lower photo: Breakfast Creek Bridge.

The next point of interest on this ride is Breakfast Creek so named in 1824 by John Oxley when he and another explorer Allan Cunningham had contact with the local aboriginal tribe at the mouth of the creek. Having just consumed breakfast, a minor conflict arose when an Aboriginal grabbed Oxley's hat and it was due to this incident that he named the waterway Breakfast Creek. (Compliments of Wikipedia)

The pathway along the Brisbane River at Newstead.

Continuing along the river we pass through the suburbs of Newstead, Teneriffe and New Farm. These three suburbs not only played a major part in the early establishment of Brisbane but were significant during the 2nd World War and the many plaques along the way pay tribute to this fact. Take a few minutes to read the inscription on the plaques and increase your knowledge of the area.

Where once a thriving shipping industry servicing Queensland could be seen in all of it's glory moored alongside this river bank, now it is home to hundreds of people living in modern apartments as well as
walking and cycling along the path that used to be a series of wharves.
 On reaching the northern approach to the Storey Bridge Pathway you can make the decision to cross here to Kangaroo Point on the south bank of the river or continue riding, skirting the city, through the City Botanical Gardens and crossing the river at Southbank via the Goodwill Bridge.
We made the decision on this occasion  to continue on and cross at the Goodwill Bridge.


Riding through the City Botanical Gardens

Skirting the city by riding along the shared path is not always a pleasant experience as it can become quite busy at times, particularly lunch time mid week (between the hours of 12 and 2) and Sundays because of the market. Having said this, I have ridden during these times and providing care is taken the path is still negotiable.

 Photograph courtesy of Wikimedia. Author: Shermeee
 Crossing the Goodwill Bridge to Southbank ends this ride.

Cheers and safe riding,
Jimmy Bee


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