Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Delicious and nutritious too.

The term "GONE BANANAS" has absolutely nothing to do with this post. In fact it will probably help the brain rather than the other way around.

I have simply used the term to get your attention, deceitful I know but sometimes you have to fly slightly left of the line to draw attention, particularly if you think you have something important to say.

The message to cyclists here is, eat bananas to maintain good health and to give you that needed boost of energy when you need it.

They are usually easy to find, normally cheap, compact and naturally packaged, taste delicious, look good and to boot, nutritious. What more could a cyclist ask for. One drawback but usually one which normally doesn't affect cyclists is it is loaded with sugar.......28g per 225g.

For a full analysis of the humble banana, hit on the following link - Self Nutrition Data


For the reader where English is the second language, hit on the following link GONE BANANAS for an explanation of the term.

Cheers and safe riding,
Jimmy Bee

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