Thursday, 30 May 2013

DESTINATION: THE GAP, QLD. AUS. via the Enoggera Creek and Ithaca Creek bikeways

Map of Ithaca & Enoggera Creek Bike Paths with main entry points from Albion Station, Roma Street Station and The Gap provided by Map My Ride

Living on the Southside of Brisbane? or on vacation from another state or country? You're a recreational cyclist, have access to a bike and would like to explore an area you haven't visited before. If you do not have or want to use a motor vehicle, I would suggest taking a train to Roma Street Station, where access to a pathway leading to the Enoggera Creek Bike Way, is relatively easy.

Victoria Park

 The north side of Brisbane has many cycling routes suitable to the recreational cyclist.

Picturesque lakes which attracts bird life

Lots of parks with facilities 

Great pathways

This is one of the premium recreational rides on the north side of Brisbane. The ride can be accessed through a number of points along the route as it meanders through the suburbs of Herston, Kelvin Grove, Dorrington, Newmarket, Ashgrove, St. John's Wood and The Gap.

Good directional signage

Where's that toilet?

The Canadian Inuit Inukshuk (Likeness of a person) in Victoria Park, Herston

Entrance to Bowen Bridge Heritage Track

Some interesting items you may see on the way which makes your ride so much more enjoyable.

Ithaca Creek

There's nothing quite as relaxing as listening to the ripple of water over stones, the muted colours of a creek setting nor the native bird chorus as you take your time cycling along some of these paths.

Perhaps if you are really craving that fix of caffeine, didn't have breakfast, or the tummy is starting to rumble, you may prefer to hang out at a coffee haunt instead and there is no better place on this ride than Beans on The Green, on Bowman Parade, Bardon. Don't be put off when you see that it is located right next to a bowling green, this innovative joint is run by energetic young people and they are really switched on. If you doubt me, take a peek at this review - . It is so close to the trail, that if you fell off your bike here, there is a big possibility of rolling down the slope and ending up just in front of the Rouge Coffee sign. I would much prefer the coffee from here than mouth to mouth any day......but then again ......I guess it depends on the circumstances.

Mt Cootha taken from The Gap Village Shopping Centre

It is now only a few kilometres to The Gap Village shopping centre, where there are any number of eateries where you can purchase lunch and decide whether to retrace your route along Ithaca Creek or take the Enoggera Creek Bike Way back through Dorrington, Newmarket, Kelvin Grove, Herston and on to the Albion Railway Station or to where ever you parked your vehicle.

To make life easier for yourself, print off or download a map of the area. There are many to choose from such as:

                                                          Map my Ride
                                GPSies                                                      Google Maps
                                                        Open Cycle Map

and they all have the facilities to draw your own routes. This is but a small sample of many. Have fun trying them out, especially on a wet day and use a map to plan your next ride.

Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee

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