Tuesday, 4 June 2013


As I stated in my last post "The Gap",  you can either retrace your ride from The Gap to where you started the ride or alternatively, follow Enoggera Creek to Albion Railway Station.

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The above map only depicts where the overall route can take you including possible start and finish points. Each kilometer of the ride is flagged with a number. The alternative route along Enoggera Creek starts at flag 12, St. Johns Wood and finishes with the red flag (partially obscured at the top of the map) which is Albion Railway Station.

When looking at the above collage, you can imagine being in a nice serene setting to while away some time or maybe to contemplate and solve a problem you may have.

When the flooding rains come, this creek becomes a whirling mass  of water capable of taking out bridges and inundating houses causing millions of dollars of damage. Mother Nature has a way of letting us know who is boss.

When riding, I'm always on the lookout for beautiful or unusual architecture to photograph. The above photographs show some of the house designs found around the inner suburbs of Brisbane and originally built in the earlier part of the 20th century and of course, beautifully kept or renovated. Having owned and lived in this type of house over the years, I found them to be suitable to the Queensland climate with their large, open planning and high ceilings, allowing for the flow of air and having sufficient windows, suitably situated to catch the prevailing breezes. I often wondered about the stories and family secrets these homes held of the previous occupiers. It's almost as if wood has a soul, as you can feel it move  and hear it creak at night and you sense that it really does have something to tell you.

Is this building a blight on the urban landscape or could it, with a bit of  architectural flair and ability, be turned into a beautiful urban landmark, perhaps a number of theatres with associated bars and restaurants. What do you think, if you had the money, would you put it at the mercy of the wreckers ball or would you prefer to see it turn into something admired by many. So many buildings these days, tall and small alike,  are put up just to turn a dollar, they have no identity, just beige and lifeless.

Here is an imaginative bit of window dressing which made an ugly road system more easy on the eye. When taking this photograph, my eye was drawn to the blending of colours, line, form and texture and I found it somehow compelling to capture it.

This is the type of ride to take on a weekend after a week in the workplace you would rather forget. It can be ridden alone, with a friend or the whole family, it is an urban escape and you have earned it, now enjoy it.

Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee

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