Monday, 1 July 2013

CLIFTON LOOP, QLD. AUS. via Kratzman & Old Elphinstone Road

This view was taken from the junction of Kratzman Road with the New England Highway

Cycling is made so much easier when you have smooth surfaces and captivating scenery. This particular loop could be ridden with any type of bicycle and is just one of many routes that can be taken in the Clifton district. I'm particularly lucky because normally, I get to ride in this area every four to six weeks and therefore can experience all four seasons.

This view of the flowering trees was also taken from Kratzman Road

When travelling by bicycle, there is a greater awareness of our surroundings and it is so easy to just stop and frame the scene in a moment of time.

A north west view taken from Kratzman Road

It is great to get out in the countryside away from the city buzz, however, if you are travelling by car, I find it so much harder to make the effort to stop awhile and admire the view, whereas when cycling I am compelled to, as I feel more akin to the surroundings and it's constantly changing panoramas.

This patch of sunflowers was also taken on this ride.

These photographs were taken coming into winter and as I intend to ride this route in spring you can back it in that it will be a whole different kaleidoscope of colours and a whole new suite of images.

A beautiful crop of sorghum on Old Elphinstone Road

The above map was created by using mapmyride. Of all the map sites I have tried, this one in my view is the most superior....Why?.....because it is easy to use, accurate and if required measures not only the elevation but also the gradient of the climb which can be invaluable when planning a ride.

Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee

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