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*CYCLING PARK TO PARK, BRISBANE, QLD. AUS. -- Newstead Park to Norman Park

The bike way runs along the waterfront with Brisbane skyline in the background.

This ride takes you on  bike ways which run along the side of the Brisbane River for most of the journey and as such makes it one of the most picturesque rides in Australia.

File:StateLibQld 1 115048 Unidentified sailing ships moored at Eagle Street Wharves, Brisbane, ca. 1885.jpg

This is a good representation as to how the  upper scene would have looked in the mid to late 1800's

This waterfront is steeped in history. Up until quite recently, this was all wharf area originally  servicing sailing ships bringing whatever was needed in starting up a new colony including  wide eyed migrants from the other side of the world with expectations of making a new life for themselves and their families. My own family ancestors would have been on one or other of those ships in the mid 1800's as they originated from Ireland, Scotland and England. If only they could see it now.

File:StateLibQld 1 186675 United States Army base at Bulimba during World War II.jpg
American forces base in Bulimba, Qld. with troopship in the background

During World War 2, Brisbane was the staging post for the battle of the Pacific with General Douglas MacArthur's headquarters located here. As well as our own troops, there were thousands of Americans and hundreds of warships moving in and out of Brisbane during these turbulent years.

The entrance to Breakfast Creek from the Brisbane River

 As this ride is from Newstead park to Norman Park, we start from the entrance to Breakfast Creek which runs adjacent to the northern side of the park. Just for your information, there are some fantastic rides on the other side of this creek as well, a number of which I have already posted about.



Above are an assortment of views on this bike way as it makes it's way from Newstead Park through Teneriffe, New Farm, Brisbane City, past the City Botanic Gardens, across the Goodwill Bridge to South Brisbane.

After crossing the Brisbane River the ride meanders through Kangaroo Point, East Brisbane to Norman Park. Following are a number of views of this stretch of the south side of the river.



This ride is suitable for the family, being 36km long and if this proves to be too long there is the option of catching a ferry back from several ferry terminals along the way.

Brisbane may not be the tourist mecca of the world but it is a great place to live. Perhaps I am wrong with this statement, as a British Rugby Union fan visiting our beautiful city a short time ago said,  "In Brisbane you don't have to make plans you just hit the town and wing it for a fantastic time."

Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee

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