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A typical Sunshine Coast beach scene

When we overnight on a cycling excursion, comfort is not the thing that comes to mind. Cost is the main objective and providing the accommodation is clean and functional, we figure that any small discomfort is quickly dismissed with the need of well deserved sleep after an arduous ride. It is not unusual to fit four or even five into a cabin if the sleeping arrangements permit. On this particular occasion, we slept four in one cabin and three in another ......very cosy. We met in one cabin and had post ride drinks prior to walking a couple hundred metres to the local tavern where we had quality pub fare washed down with either beer or wine.

Up bright and early, a light breakfast and we were on our way to Caloundra. This ride was totally different to the ride we undertook the previous day, in that it was more of a scenic route with many opportunities to photograph beautiful seascapes with gentle surf breaking on golden sandy beaches and the heavens a cobalt blue. Is it any wonder that Australians flock to the beach at any given opportunity.



This is one of the easiest rides I have undertaken to date with shared paths following the beach and suburban roads, light traffic and no navigation problems worth a mention. With the smell of salt in the air, a light breeze, sunshine and panoramic vistas of the sea, man, it was just great to be alive. There is something about the seaside that infuses the skin with an energy that is so vibrant, it is hard to define.

 This joint ain't no Hicksville, it is no less than the 'Kingdom of Pleasure'. People flock here from the southern states and New Zealand where the sunshine, surf and relaxed atmosphere is the one panacea to cure all stress related illnesses whether real or imagined.

Ridin' along on my pushbike honey

Ridin' alone on my pushbike honey.

Mooloolaba, Qld.

Did you know that a fine view of the ocean can be had from inside of the public toilet block in Mooloolaba? Click on this link to find out where .....

Can you imagine swimming in this cool pristine surf on a hot summer's day where the sea temperature ranges between 26 -28 degrees C (79 - 82 degrees F). Even in the winter the temperature ranges between 20 - 22 degrees C (68 - 72 degrees F). Strangely enough, if you have been sun bathing for a short period and then decide to run into the surf, it's akin to jumping into icy cold water and the shock can temporarily take your breath away.

If you aren't into the surfing and sun bathing scene you may wish to try your hand at paddling an outrigger canoe or sailing a yacht or a plethora of other water based activities. If all of these energy consuming sports and pastimes are a bit on the extreme, there is always a bike to ride to the local watering hole where the only activity allowed is bending the elbow and watching the pretty girls go by.

A group of cobwebs (crusty old buggers with expensive bikes), I picked up on the way

We didn't quite make it to Caloundra due to time constraints (genuine excuse) but we all had a good time and I personally can't wait until we ride the Sunshine Coast again.

Maroochydore to Wurtulla, Sunshine Coast, Qld. Australia.
Distance: 65 km.
Difficulty: Easy.
Surface: Bitumen & cement shared paths. Bitumen  roads.
Bike: Any well maintained bike.

This is a great recreational ride, whether you complete all or part of the ride.

Map: Courtesy of Map my Ride

Cheers and safe riding
Jimmy Bee

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