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On approaching the small village of Jacobs Well, one of the first visual experiences you will encounter will be this colourful sign.
What is it about this name that really grabs you?  or should I say ....grabbed me. If it was the title of a book or movie, one could be forgiven for thinking it had a biblical connotation. There is, however, a more practical explanation, a Google search revealed that the area was so named after the son of Johann Gottlieb GROSS, a pioneer of the district in the early 1860s who, whilst hunting and fishing in the area with friends, came across a well and this area was hence forth called Jacobs Well. Whether the well still exists to-day, I have no idea but the chances are that it is in some form or other and if you are one of those history searching buffs and you are in the area, you may wish to try your luck.
Looks good, tasted better
 Jacobs Well is the gateway to southern Moreton Bay and is well known amongst the boating and fishing fraternity and a far cry from the metropolis of Brisbane, to it's immediate north and the tourist mecca of the Gold Coast only 30 minutes south. As to the fishing, the meal I had at the local Bayside Tavern on one occasion, was absolutely mouthwatering.
Bayside Tavern in Jacobs Well
My wife and I were in the area on a reconnaissance mission to check the area out for it's suitability as a recreational cycling destination  and being lunch time, decided to check out the local hotel. The whole dining experience was pleasant from the bright artwork on the walls to the rather large fish aquarium separating the bar from the restaurant. The service couldn't be faulted and the fresh fish meal was as I said before, absolutely mouthwatering.
Whilst having a look around the village we came across a bakery which baked it's own pies. In an era when everything to-day is beige and generic, how could anybody who remembers what a good pie tastes like, pass up a pie that isn't Big Ben, Sergeants or the like and branded with an interesting moniker such as 'The Flying Pieman". It was too much of a temptation to let go and so we bought a couple to devour after we arrived home. The taste result was......if you are ever in the vicinity of Jacobs Well, seek out The Well Bakery and Cafe and treat yourself to a pie. You won't regret it.
Sugar cane growing in Jacobs Creek area
Marina at Jacobs Well
Apart from tourism, boating, fishing, marinas, a great little tavern that serves up good fish & chips and a pie shop with a fancy moniker, it boasts one of the last farming areas in this part of the state that still grows sugar cane and a mill which crushes the cane and turns it into sugar. Oh! and I almost forgot to include the hiring of houseboats. Dare I say it, "Does anybody remember the movie "Houseboat" with Carey Grant and Sophia Loren. No! well, it was a long time ago but Sophia Loren looked like a million dollars then and she still looks like a million dollars to-day.
Proposed ride from Jacobs Well to Coomera and return
Was it suitable for a recreational ride? At the time, I thought it was going to be really good but you will have to wait for my next post to find out what it was really like.
Cheers and safe riding,
Jimmy Bee

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