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Cleveland Point, Qld. 

The ride from Cleveland Point to Wellington Point is very picturesque and because most of the riding can be done on paths, trails and quiet suburban streets it opens the ride up to all takers. Cleveland Point is very popular with locals and tourists alike. On any one day all comers mingle with one another without really knowing who is local and who is not, as they are there for the one purpose and that is the pure enjoyment of the moment.

The Lighthouse Restaurant and Cafe.

There is only one food and drink outlet on the point and that is the Lighthouse Restaurant and Cafe which caters for everything from an A-La-Carte menu, take-away fish and chips, coffee and the irresistable ice-cream on a hot summers day.
Between the two Points, you ride through  natural bush land where you will notice a drop in temperature  and the quietness apart from the bird calls. Be alert whilst riding through here because it is not unusual to have a snake or water dragon cross your path or water birds crossing from one pond to another.
On the way down to Wellington Point at this time of the year you will pass beautiful poinciana trees in bloom.

This colourful specimen is an unknown species of bug sipping nectar from the flower of the red flowering gum tree (Corymbia Ficifolia) which is an native of Western Australia. This is reputedly, one of the most commonly planted ornamental trees in Australia and at the moment is out in bloom and attracting all sorts of bugs and birds.


If you happen to visit Wellington Point at low tide, you can take advantage of walking out to King Island which can be fun especially if you have the kids with you. At full tide it is a beautiful place to take a refreshing swim in the crystal like waters.
Wellington Point is usually much more windy than Cleveland Point and is a favourite spot for kite and wind  surfing. There are a number of shelters to take advantage of if you are planning on staying for awhile. There is also a cafe where you may purchase coffee, take-aways, cold drinks etc.and also, there is an al fresco area where you can savour your coffee and snack whilst taking in the magical views.

Cleveland Point to Wellington Point
 This concludes the ride from Cleveland Point to Wellington Point.

Useful Information:
Distance: 20 km.
Surface: Mainly paths, a small amount of on road riding.
Bike: Suitable to all bikes
Fitness: Moderately fit.

I use Map my Ride for simplicity and elevation information.
Local maps can be obtained from Redlands City Council

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Chers and safe riding,
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