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POPULAR CYCLING POSTS by Jimmy Bee in 2013

As this year comes to a close, I thought I would summarise the six most popular posts for 2013.
Before I do this, I would like to reminisce for a moment on the new year period I experienced as a child. I was most fortunate that my parents and I used to take annual holidays around Christmas and New Year and would spend the period at either Manly Beach or Bondi Beach in Sydney. The practise in Manly was to row a boat a short distance from the harbourside beach.  At the stroke of midnight a 'dummy' was thrown from the boat, representing the drowning of the old year and then to usher in the new year, everybody would walk the esplanade kissing each other whilst creating a racket with blow out whistles, popping balloons and of course the obligatory fireworks.  Does anybody else remember this, similar or more bizarre proceedings occurring on New Years Eve?

Now to the most popular posts:
1. The Gap via Enoggera Creek and Ithaca Creek bike ways.

Enoggera Creek and Ithaca Creek bike way

Ithaca Creek, Brisbane, Qld.

Enoggera Creek, Brisbane, Qld.

Considering that these two routes have been flooded twice in two years causing millions of dollars of damage, the council workers appear to take personal pride in the restoration of the pathways and their bordering parkland.

2. 2013 and in the spirit.

At peace with the world.

My brother in law, Merv,  posing with his Lefty and my Scotty

2013 was a great year for finding and riding trails and paths in and around Brisbane and South East Queensland. I'm looking forward to making 2014 even better.

3. Hawkes Bay, NZ. Waipawa to Hastings (63 km).

Hawkes Bay, NZ --Waipawa to Hastings

This part of the world is just one unbelievable landscape after another. Imagine what it could look like if they weren't experiencing a drought.

4. Hawkes Bay, NZ - Taradale to Ahuriri (45 km)

It could be said "a rose amongst the thorns" 
A cool trail through the forest .

Fattening up the goose.
Back to the coast

The last day of a tour is one of mixed emotions, on the one hand, it is nice to be going home but on the other there is a sense of returning to reality, rather than waking up to a new adventure each day as we had done for the last five days. If you are contemplating a cycling tour in another country try booking with on the North Island of New Zealand. Our group liked it so much earlier this year that we have booked a tour on the South Island with

5. Clifton loop via Kratzman Road and Old Elphinstone Road
Clifton loop via Kratzman Road and Old Elphinstone Road.

Kratzman Road, Clifton
Sunflower crop on Clifton-Allora Road

Clifton is only a two hour drive from Brisbane and can be a great destination to have a cheap weekend of recreational riding with routes covering North, South, East and West. The riding is mainly on low traffic roads of quality surface and suitable to all bikes.

6. Cycling Downfall Creek.
Downfall Creek route


The last time I rode this route, we had to cross some really busy main roads which in my opinion, makes it unsafe for taking all of the family unless they can be carefully supervised. I know the council is intending to remedy this situation but I am unsure at this point in time whether it has. Having said this, it is a very interesting trail to ride.

I wish you a safe and prosperous new year and I look forward to bringing you a wide variety of new rides in 2014.

Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee

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