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Cleveland Harbour, Qld.
All roads lead to Rome as they say and although this is not the regular route to Victoria Point, I thought it worth a post....why? because it is picturesque and suits riders not liking to mix it with heavy traffic. Can I take the kids? Sure as long as they are under supervision when crossing busy roads. What about Granny? If she is a regular cycling granny, why long as she is kept under supervision. 
Wellington Street, Cleveland, Qld.
Wellington Street, Cleveland, Qld.
 Wellington Street can be a bit of a chore for some but it is a shared path and if you have to walk part of the way....walk.... and.... you are definitely allowed to curse.

A sample of trails within the Redlands, Qld.

Even on a hot day, there are enough forests to keep the core temperature pointer though....don't jump into cold water immediately after a ride. Yes! I know it is terribly inviting but not so advisable after exerting yourself, let the body cool down first and you will enjoy it a whole lot more.

Hilliards Creek, Alexandra Hills, Qld.

Cleveland Harbour, Qld.
Crystal Waters, Thornlands, Qld.
Talking about water....there is water, water everywhere and even some to drink. The start of this ride is beside Cleveland Harbour, plenty of creeks running through the forests and then a nice lake at Crystal Waters Park. Another lake beside Victoria Point Shopping Centre and it is back to riding along beaches and of course Victoria Point itself with more water splashing along it's shoreline than you could drink in a lifetime....except it's terribly salty and not very palatable.

Water facilities like this can be located in most parks where there are paths.
Even though we are in the first month of summer and the temperatures have been reasonable, over the next couple of months you can be assured of increasing temperatures coupled with very high humidity. Sensible people ride early in the day to avoid this unpleasantness. Sometimes it is unavoidable, particularly on longer rides and precautions have to be taken like wearing appropriate clothing which breathes and wicks away the sweat, keeping hydrated (drinking plenty of fluids), replacing lost electrolytes by slurping on a bottle of Gatorade or something similar. There is usually suitable drinking water in the parks and if H2O is not you're scene, then there is always soft drink to be bought from one of the many vendors along the ride. You know, I have always thought that COKE, the soft drink variety I'm talking about had to have an additive such as rum or bourbon to make it palatable....have I been misled here? a misspent youth perhaps? Is all that sugar good for you? If somebody has the answers, I would love to hear from you.
The Land of Oz has an unenviable reputation of having one of the highest incidence of sun cancer in the world. To keep this lurking monster hungry, is simply a matter of wearing suitable head cover,  wearing 50+ sun protection clothing and smearing any exposed body parts with 50+ sun screen lotion. No big deal really, just common sense.

Judy Holt Bushland Refuge, Birkdale, Qld.

Hilliards Creek, Alexandra Hills, Qld.

One of the fun things I do on my bike is to explore an area and find secret paths and trails that few people know about. Over time I have found many paths and trails throughout suburban bushland that few people know about. They don't even appear on a Google map. I'm beginning to smell a conspiracy here between local councils and Google. These trails are well maintained but people don't know about them and I can ride on any one of them on any day of the week and be lucky to come across another single person. Come on guys, advertise this great feature, let Google know so they can be mapped, otherwise it is just a sad waste of money.

The ride from Cleveland Harbour to Victoria Point via Ormiston and Thornlands is just another great recreational ride to be had in the Redlands.

Useful Information:
Always use a good map or a trusty GPS.
Distance: 27 km.
Surface: Mainly paths, both cement and dirt and a small amount of on road riding.
Bike: Suitable to all bikes
Fitness: Moderately fit.

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Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee

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