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Sir Fred Schonnel Drive, St. Lucia.
University of Queensland

St. Lucia, apart from being a lovely leafy suburb in which to reside, is also home to our premier university. It is easily accessible through good bus and ferry services, close to the city of Brisbane, it's very own Eleanor Schonell Bridge spanning the Brisbane River catering for buses, cyclists and pedestrian traffic only and a dedicated bike path to the city and beyond.

St. Lucia Golf Links

The St. Lucia Golf Links has a great open air cafe overlooking the course, where cyclists are very welcome.
Bicentennial Cycleway

Bicentennial Cycleway
Riding along the banks of the Brisbane River on the Bicentennial Cycleway is sublime. If only all cycleways were as good as this, commuters would be leaving their cars at home and riding to work. This is as good as it gets. Stress free and after initial costs of buying a bike, the running costs are far, far less than running a car or using public transport and then there is the added health benefits.

Brisbane City Botanical Gardens

The next point of interest is the Queensland University of Technology, Garden Point Campus, where you can either elect to ride through the campus, continuing on through the City Botanical Gardens and exiting back onto the cycleway/shared pathway at the junction of Alice Street and Edward Street or you can continue on the cycleway/shared pathway on the riverside of the gardens.
The City of Brisbane. 
The shared path /cycleway continues along the river with the CBD in the background. There are numerous outlets selling beverages and snacks in this vicinity. If you feel a caffeine deficiency or sugar drop coming on, the only reason you won't be able to sate either is because you left your wallet at home.

The Storey Bridge
Section - Storey Bridge to Dockside.

We follow the pathway along the river until we reach the northern entrance to the Storey Bridge. Crossing this bridge by bike can be a lot of fun as the views of the Brisbane River and surrounds are truly superb.

A colourful piece of artwork you will pass on the way.

Another view of Brisbane City


As you exit on the southern side of the bridge, turn left and follow the path. This ride follows the river past Dockside which is an upmarket residential complex at Kangaroo Point. I could think of worse places to live.
Entrance to Mowbray Park, East Brisbane.
Section - Dockside to Normn Park Station.
The last section of the ride takes you through a series of side streets which are cyclist friendly, through Mowbray Park (all of the major parks in Brisbane have toilets and fresh water faucets). You will exit Mowbray Park onto Laidlaw Parade which is a narrow street but light on vehicular traffic. As this leads into busy Wynnum Road, stay on the footpath, cross Norman Creek and turn right at Norman Avenue necessitating the crossing of Wynnum Road at the lights. As you can see by the above map section that it is now an easy ride on road to Norman Park Station and the end of our ride.

Useful Information:
Always use a good map or a trusty GPS.
Distance: 19 km.
Surface: Sealed
Bike: Suitable to all bikes
Fitness: This is not a difficult ride.

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Cheers and safe riding,
Jimmy Bee

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