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CYCLING CLIFTON LOOP, QLD. AUS. via Victoria Hill and Allora.

Clifton, Qld.
As we moved out of Clifton on the way to Ryeford, we couldn't help but notice the trees in this particular section were stripped of their leaves due to a severe hail storm which cut a swathe through the area destroying a number of crops as it went.


Imagine what would have happened if the hail storm had cut a path through these two crops. One can only imagine the complete and utter devastation a farmer and his family would feel to see crops such as these destroyed in a matter of minutes. A whole season's income destroyed in a flash.

The above photograph is typical of the Australian bush, gum trees (Eucalypts), bloody gum trees, miles of them. It is also the type of country favoured by kangaroos and wallabies and this whole scene can change in an instant, especially at dawn and sunset when they're on the move. This was not the case on this ride however, as the dense bush gave way to open fields planted with sorghum, maize and sunflowers, beautiful vistas as far as the eye can see.

Victoria Hill, Qld.

Victoria Hill
Country halls are the lifeblood of farming families and have been used for all types of social occasions such as dances, indoor sporting facilities etc., keeping the fabric of rural social life alive.
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Roads as smooth as the one depicted here, help to make cycling a breeze and is pretty much what you can expect when riding in these two districts.

Wildflowers outside Allora, Qld.

The town of Allora, Qld.
Allora is typical of the towns dotted throughout the Darling Downs servicing the rural communities. In this case, it has a rather topical claim to fame in that it is the location in which the author P.L. Travers wrote her very successful series of childrens books titled "Mary Poppins" starting in 1934. It is topical in that the stage musical has been touring Australia and the Walt Disney movie "Saving Mr.Banks" starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, about the making of the 1964 movie "Mary Poppins"  was released in 2013 and more recently here in Queensland.

If you are visiting the area and would like to see the house (now a private residence) it is on the northern end of the main street of Allora in Queensland.

A nice view of Clifton taken from Mt. Moller
The ride from Allora to Clifton is 18 km of mild undulating road and is a great way to finish another fine ride on the Darling Downs of Queensland.

Clifton loop via Victoria Hill and Allora
Useful Information:
Always use a good map or a trusty GPS.
Distance: 62 km.
Surface: Sealed
Bike: Suitable to all bikes
Fitness: This is not a difficult ride.

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