Wednesday, 12 March 2014




                                                  UNBELEIVABLY BEAUTIFUL



The ride was all of the above and AWESOME! as well.

For 5 days we were pampered like royalty with loyal servants at our beck and call.

There was not one one little part of the trip that didn't meet my expectations, in fact, all my expectations were exceeded to the point where on the last day I thought, 'I wish this ride would continue, but alas the good fairy was not interested and instead I was bundled onto a kerosene slurping budgie and sent packing back to Oz.

I think I was still high three days after we arrived home. My wife was suspicious at what I had been consuming. It took some convincing but I was able to allay her suspicions

                                             No, there was no weed
                                             There was no coke

                                              Just oxygen.

Imagine that..........high on oxygen. My lungs were on vacation.

That's what it is like over there, on the South Island of New Zealand.......Alps, mountains, hills, lakes, glaciers, rivers, creeks and oceans.. Added to that, world standard accommodation and fresh food with an array of fine wines to whet anyone's taste.
Pip and Fiona
We had all of this and more on a five day cycling holiday arranged through Adventure South. However this would never have gelled together if it hadn't been for our vivacious and attentive guides Pip and Fiona who gave substance to the song "Don't worry, be happy." Their attention to detail is what transforms a mediocre company to par excellence.

Keep tuned as I bring you a day to day description over the next few weeks.

Cheers and safe riding,
Jimmy Bee

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