Sunday, 30 March 2014

ALPS to OCEAN BICYCLE TOUR - Lake Tekapo the turquoise lake, New Zealand


This lake with it's turquoise water and majestic snow capped peaks in the background would have to be one of the most beautiful scenes in the world. For a moment, allow your imagination flow, you could be in a canoe gently paddling across the lake or perhaps in a small sailing craft being propelled by icy winds blowing in from the alps and making you feel fresh and alive. This photograph was taken in March, our Autumn (fall), so imagine how enhansed this picture would be if there was snow all the way down to the water's edge.

It gets even better, how would you like to be immersed up to your chin in hot spring water with snow completely surrounding you. I can almost read your mind as you try to mentally calculate how much a trip to New Zealand would cost. To indulge just a little more open the link Tekapo Springs On the way to our accommodation, we stopped off at the springs for an hour of pure relaxation. It was heaven and to top it all, after you have whiled away some time soaking out the aches and pains, you will be able to sit in their cafe with a drink of your choice and take in the surrounding views.
Lake Tekapo with Japanese twist
An alpine garden, Lake Tekapo
Lake Tekapo
A view of the famous church, The Good Shepherd built in 1935
The accommodation that night in Tekapo was the Lake Tekapo Scenic Resort,, which surpassed all expectations as not only was it modern and well appointed but also opened onto a balcony with a fabulous panoramic view of the lake. It didn't take too much persuasion to relax with a couple of ales whilst being entertained by a couple of newly wed Japanese trying to set up their own 'selfie' wedding photos with the lake and mountains in the background. I felt sympathy for the young bride as she patiently waited for her husband to assemble the equipment as it seemed to take forever.
 For further reading on Lake Tekapo please open the following link

My next post will describe the day travelling from Tekapo to Twizel which will take in such features as Lake Pukaki, Mt. Cook , the Tasman Glacier and a challenging 51 km ride into a 20 km wind blowing down from the alps.

Cheers and safe riding,
       Jimmy Bee

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