Friday, 25 July 2014


Boggo Road Gaol

Our ride started at Boggo Road adjacent to the infamous Boggo Road Gaol, making our way down to and following the Brisbane River to Yeronga where we weaved our way south easterly through a series of parks to the perimeter of Toohey Forest.

Harder than it looks

Whoever thought that riding through Toohey Forest could be so much fun. Not all of my cycling friends would agree with me but heh! if you have to walk and push a little, it's all part of the game. Sometimes, I get really fed up with riding through the burbs, not always though, depends on the mood and where I'm riding but I never fall into a state of despair riding through forests, no matter how hard it gets, within reason anyway.

(TL) A Gellie (Custom), (TR) Mongoose & Giant (BL), Specialised & Trek, (BR) Van Nicholas

Perhaps we could be eligible to join the COBWEBS (Crusty old buggers with expensive bikes) with this collection of bikes.

Toohey Forest

Sometimes it can get a tad tricky navigating through a forest, especially if you are not quite sure where you want to exit and so it was on this ride, when we exited too far to the south and had to re-enter on another track taking us in the right direction but it was worth it, for me anyway as I just love the forests.


We exited Toohey Forest on the V1 Veloway running alongside the Pacific Motorway and followed this until we reached Wellers Hill where it crossed at Birdwood Road. A quick left into Esher Street joining the cycleway heading through Greenslopes to Stones Corner. This is how all major cycleways should be, fast, off road and relaxing.


Time for coffee, so we decided to try the unimposing Lady Marmalade Cafe situated at 269 Logan Road, Stones Corner, not far from the V1 Veloway. There were a number of attractive points to this cafe, namely it serves good coffee with personality and our loud raucous conversation didn't interfere with the other patrons because as loud as we are, it was drowned in traffic noise. It would appear that the atmosphere overcomes the noise as there was a constant flow of patrons and as General Douglas MacArthur once famously stated.....we shall return.

From here it was just a matter of crossing this busy road and following the path to Norman park Station for our train trip back to Cleveland.

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