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I have mentioned this before and I am going to mention it once more, we as cyclists living in the Redlands City, are really blessed. There are few places where there are well maintained cycling paths that pass through forests one minute  and the next running directly along  the shoreline of the coast. We have our progressive council to thank for this, together with the state and federal governments who provide the necessary monetary grants to make it all happen.
The official opening
The unofficial opening

Hilliards Creek Pathway and bridge
 This morning, I was privileged to receive an invitation along with some of our U3A cyling friends to the opening of a new three metre wide pathway, 400 metres long , including a boardwalk over wetlands and a bridge crossing Hilliards Creek. This new path opens a new route between Ormiston and Wellington Point and adds to the beauty of this area and the continued safety of our cyclists.

New bridge over Ross Creek, Cleveland

Less than a month ago, a new cycle/pedestrian bridge was built over Ross Creek in Cleveland, once again making the ride from Cleveland Railway Station to Cleveland Point a whole lot safer for the casual recreational cyclist and families both local and visiting.
The Mayor, Karen Williams, in her opening address also provided insight into plans underway to upgrade the off road, mountain bike park at Scribbley Gums, within a stone's throw of the CBD which adds another dimension to our cycling community which supports, road, tri-athlon, mountain bike and recreational riding.
The Redlands, of course is not alone in this new cycling phenomonen as the whole state is embracing it but dare I say, Redlands City is at the forefront, and all will eventually reap the benefits through added tourism, better health and added commerce. Europeans for years have known the benefits of bicycle touring and in the near future, as our infrastructure improves, they will be spending their Euros in Australia.
 For more information on riding in the Redlands, open the following link -

By the way, whilst I have your attention, and providing you live in close proximity, our friends in Logan City are hosting the Tour de Logan, on the 27th July and is suitable to roadies, recreational and casual riders. please open the following link to find out more details

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