Sunday, 22 February 2015


Lighthouse Restaurant, Cleveland Point.

 I had planned a ride last Friday to Wynnum via Capalaba but as luck would have it, an angry maiden called Marcia decided to invade our shores to the north of us in the form of a cyclone and poured buckets of rain upon us, so much so that I had to call off the ride.

In my depressed state, I sent out the following email:

Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, the ride to Wynnum North via Capalaba is cancelled.
If anyone who is stuck at home feeling down and claustrophobic, you may join me for a coffee at The Lighthouse cafe at 10 am so that we can feel down, miserable and claustrophobic together.Warning! do not sit too close to the outside railing, as we may have to arrange to have you picked up from South Stradbroke Island.

Alternative: If weather is such, that at the time you have to que for a rowboat to get to the cafe, we'll adjourn to Coffee Secrets where we can be really miserable because we have missed out on all of the wave action on the point. 

Your not so intrepid and miserable leader,

jimmy bee

I donned on the wet weather gear, drove to Cleveland Point and parked the car where it wasn't likely to be sprayed with salt water. Entering the cafe, I spotted one of our members sitting in a corner, her head ensconced in a book. I ordered a large coffee and joined her thinking that at least one intrepid member of our group was going to join me. Before I had time to take my first gulp, another one turned up and then another and another, all looking a little like drowned rats. bringing the tally to nine. It is amazing how quickly an animated group of cyclists can change the mood. What started out to be a depressing morning turned into an enjoyable social occasion. The cyclonic conditions didn't dampen our spirits at all.....not for long anyway.

The photograph of the Lighthouse Restaurant was not taken at the time but used to illustrate just how beautiful Cleveland Point is.


Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee

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