Monday, 6 April 2015


I was travelling with two of our group, and our plan was to fly into Sydney and walk the picturesque coastal walk from Bondi to Coogee. We booked into the Y Hotel mid morning, which is situated in a central part of Sydney, close to transport. By chance we met up with another two of our group who had already had a day in Sydney and just returned from a harbour cruise. Our ranks swelled to 5.

Lunch at Watsons Bay, NSW

Percy Pelican and friends

A view from Watsons Bay with Sydney Harbour Bridge in background

Having purchased senior day passes from a local convenience store which enabled us to travel on all modes of public transport for a very moderate price, we headed for Watsons Bay, which affords spectacular ocean and harbour views. This was to be a relaxing, tourist day out, walking, taking in what the busy metropolis of Eastern Sydney suburbanites had to offer. We started by having fish and chips, sitting on the seawall and feeding the pelicans and seagulls the leftovers . Unfortunately, for the poor  marine birds, our lunch was so fresh and nice that there were few scraps to offer. Wildlife lovers would probably say that was a good thing, personally, I think it would be far more palatable than discarded plastic bags and fishing line, however.......

Photograph taken from The Gap looking south

Lunch over, we ascended the many steps to the top of the cliffs on South Head, historically referred to as The Gap. Unfortunately, this beautiful location has a dark and tragic history and for some, in a moment of madness, was the last view that they ever took in as they ended their own life on the rocks below, or as occurred on a number of occasions, their life was taken from them either by accident or foul play.

Bondi Beach

This was a great start to our day in Sydney. We then boarded a bus to North Bondi, where we proceeded to walk the length of Bondi Beach to the famous Icebergs Swimming Club , on the southern side of Bondi Beach. The water looked so enticing and as a result many photographs were taken.

It's not all surf and seascapes at Bondi Beach - there is a wonderful display of street art along the promenade. if nothing else, it certainly is a conversation maker with both tourist and locals alike.

Icebergs Club on the southern end of Bondi Beach
We left one of our group at Icebergs as she was starting to have problems with her knee and decided to use the time swimming  and we continued the coastal cliff walk to Coogee Beach, electing to meet up with us for a drink on our return.

Inside a small sandstone cave
The small but beautiful Tamarama Beach
The walk from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach is probably in the realm of the great walks to be had in Sydney, of which there are many. Although the weather was threatening at the time, the rain held off and we really enjoyed the walk. Unfortunately, we were running out of time and decided to turn around at Bronte Beach and returned to The Icebergs.

Ben Buckler as seen from The Icebergs Club
Having met up with our fifth member, we ensconced ourselves on the deck at Icebergs and indulged in some amber, liquid refreshment whilst watching the waves crash onto the shoreline. What a way to relax before starting on a week long bike adventure the following day.

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