Saturday, 25 April 2015

COASTAL ESCAPE CYCLE TOUR - Day 3 - Kiama to Gerringong, NSW

Kiama is famous for it's Blowhole but seasons and weather play a large part and under the right conditions, the spray can reach heights of 25 meters. To gain a better understanding of what causes this phenomenon please open the following link, .

Today is a rest day from cycling and we were given two options on how we were to spend the day of which the first option was to potter around Kiama for the day and then take the train to Gerringong. The second option was to walk the 11 km kiama Coastal Path with our bikes being transported along with our suitcases to our next accommodation.

The start
Goats were put on earth to do this sort of thing, not cyclists.

9 hardy souls including myself decided on taking the walk. It was a lovely walk with perfect weather and on a personal basis I found it to be the biggest highlight of the tour. Being coastal, it followed the contours of the land and afforded some of the most spectacular views which helped enormously in distracting the mind from the task of walking up and down hills.

Another distraction.... the yellows and oranges of the lichen on the rocks and the vibrant purple of wildflowers in the field.

A pod of dolphins chasing a shoal of bait fish. In the right season, this could just as easily have been Southern Right Whales

The athletic - this lady was literally running up this hill.

and then there was the one rose amongst the thorns.

We're nearing the end, I can see Gerringong in the distance.

The Finish.....Clockwise: "As beers go this ain't too bad", "Is he joking?", "One more and I'll slide right off this chair"

On reaching Gerringong, I knew I had just walked 11 km but didn't feel in any way stretched but  I have to say that I really appreciated that first cold beer of the day, made even better by knowing that it was being paid for by Australian Cycling Holidays No! I didn't get that wrong, our touring company paid for the first drink at the end of each day's ride.....nice touch huh?

For more detailed information on this walk, please open the following link,


Cheers and safe riding,

  Jimmy Bee   

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