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One movement and this frame is lost forever

There can be a perfect marriage between cycling and photography in that one compliments the other.

When cycling, and I am talking about recreational cycling here, your vision takes in the broader picture. Taking photographs whilst cycling changes the whole dimension. from the broader picture, your vision tends to narrow and targets specific points of interest, e.g. Whilst riding through a forest, you notice a specific tree, it may be the colour of the bark that captures your eye, or it may be the pattern in the bark. This is where the dimension changes. Normally, a cyclist noticing the tree would merely think "pretty tree", the photographer on the other hand would stop to take a photograph of the tree. A sequence of events may then take place...whilst studying the tree you notice a pattern as unique as a fingerprint. Whilst framing our shot, the photographer within our psyche notices a pattern within the pattern requiring a macro shot. Pleased with this result, the stimulated mind requires more and the eye starts to look further afield. You may then notice that the sun's rays are playing on a particular leaf, another pattern emerges and you take another macro shot.

You can now see the number of events that have evolved from first sighting the tree and thinking "pretty tree". A conscious decision is made to stop and photograph the tree. That photograph is unique. Why? because you have just photographed a moment in time because that tree is not going to be exactly the same in an hour, a day, a week, a month or even a year. The tree is going to lose some of it's leaves, the colour of the bark will change, insects will leave their mark, the weather or time of day will change the lighting conditions and that is why you have recorded a moment in time. How unique is that!

Trees may not be within your scope of interest and that is why I have included a number of photographs below to demonstrate my point of view. Each one of these photographs is captured as a moment in time and therefore, in themselves quite unique. Every one of you with a camera in hand, at any one time, would record these photographs differently.

The tree stopped me, the colours grabbed me

A wisp of wind and this moment is changed forever
I am really beautiful

Colour is the essence of life
Maybe I cheated.......just a little
Where does cycling figure in all of this?........simply, not unlike a normal marriage, one relies on the other to carry out certain functions. If you hadn't been on your bike cycling through the forest at that point in time, you may not have noticed the "pretty tree" and you wouldn't have started a sequence of events that would result in bringing you added pleasure.

In my case, this journey has provided the contents of a blog and through you reading this blog, I hope that the next time you hop on your bicycle to go for a recreational ride, you won't forget to take and use your camera.

In conclusion, think of it this way....cycling + photography has the ability to get the much needed psychology mix right and transport you from the mundane to experiencing a form of relaxed pleasure. How good is that for the soul.

Cycle in the zone and make it safe.
Jimmy Bee

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