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U3A Peddling For Pleasure Group

Cycling is one of the most enjoyable pastimes anyone can participate in. When families are involved, children start to ride at a very early age and the majority continue to ride for most of their lives.

The extroardinary thing about cycling is that people participate for varied reasons. Some riders are singular in their purpose whilst others embrace riding for a multitude of reasons.

Here are some reasons why cycling is so popular:
  • Health....low impact sport/recreation
  • Recreation and enjoyment .... whether you choose roads, bike lanes, shared paths, mountain trails there is one form or another suited to you.
  • Transport....maybe to avoid delays on public transport.
  • Social aspects....If you are single it's a great place to meet someone with a similar passion.
  • Fitness....the more you ride the fitter you become.
  • Something the whole family can participate in....apart from the initial outlay, cycling is a relatively cheap form of entertainment.
  • Environmental reasons.... less polution and that's good for every one of us.
  • Avoiding congestion on the is generally accepted that cycling to work is quicker than driving a car or taking public transport.
  • Stress buster....Nothing will destress you more quickly than riding a bike.
  • As a way of saving money....every time you choose a bike to commute, it's money in the bank and the saving is tax free.
  • Freedom....Oh yeah! freedom. There's nothing more to add.
Wide open spaces

If you choose to ride a bicycle for no other reason than either to gain better health or to regain it, you have made a sound choice. Here are a number of reasons why that choice is so sound.

Low impact form of exercise.
  • Can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels.
  • Gentle on the joints.
  • Can improve your general health.
  • A fun exercise.
  • A great way of improving fitness levels.
  • A good way of keeping healthy for the whole family.
  • As cycling can be done in groups, it is beneficial to your social health.
  • It is easier than walking as cycling takes less energy to cover 1k than does walking.
  • It is much cheaper than going to a gym and arguably more enjoyable.
Over 1 billion people use bicycles every day throughout the world and they can't all be wrong.

 Don't think about it. Don't procrastinate. Do it.
with a little determination, the following will happen:
  1. Your whole self will begin to feel better.
  2. You will discover things amd places you didn't know existed.
  3. Your body will start to become fitter.
  4. Your outlook on life will become more positive.
  5. You will not need to feel the need to visit your GP so frequently.
  6. You will generally become more positive, feel less bored and stressed.
When I next see a healthy, smiling face pass me on a bike I'll know it's you, and don't forget to wave.

U3A Peddling For Pleasure Group
Become a Health Evangelist and preach the good word "Cycling is good for the soul"

Jimmy Bee

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