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Thornlands to Point Talburpin

Cleveland & Thornlands

To get to Victoria Point from Thornlands, we have to ride for the next couple of kilometres on the main road. This isn't as daunting as it may seem as the road is new and the cycleway on the shoulder of the road is well defined.

Cleveland-Redland Bay Road

This part of the ride, from Victoria Point to Redland Bay and Point Talburpin is particularly nice as it runs over well constructed bridges through native forests next to pretty ponds and along the edge of the bay.

Cycling on bike paths is pure relaxation

Victoria Point

Now that you have reached Victoria Point you may choose to have a take-away cold drink/coffee or perhaps a Devonshire Tea at the Wishing Well Cafe, both of which are close by.

As a diversion and if you have the time, you may wish to take a short ferry ride to Coochiemudlo Island, where it is quite easy to circumnavigate the island, either by foot or bike.

Coochimudlo Island

The Redlands was once the fertile salad bowl for Brisbane with Cleveland hosting an annual strawberry festival. Unfortunately, farming has given into housing estates and who can blame anyone for wanting to share this lifestyle.

Redland Bay

Redland Bay is the gateway to a number of the Bay Islands. Ferries operate from here to Macleay, Russell, Lamb and Karagarra Islands. By the time you have ridden from Cleveland to Point Talburpin and back to Redland Bay you have earned a nice frosty beer or glass of wine at the old Redland Bay Hotel. Relax and enjoy the view over this part of Moreton bay. They also serve a very good counter lunch. If hotels are not your style, there are a number of take-aways to see that you don't depart hungry or thirsty.

Point Talburpin

This is a great ride to take the family on but you may not wish to complete the whole ride in one day.

Distance: Distance to Point Talburpin = 40+km return.
Surface: Cement, bitumen, boardwalk & dirt.
Type of bike needed: All types
Difficulty: Easy

I hope you enjoyed this pictorial description of the ride from Thornlands to Point Talburpin and if you are interested in doing the ride yourself, don't forget to contact Redlands on Moreton Bay Visitor Centre (Phone: 1300 667386) and request a copy of their "Cycling and Walking Guide".

If you would like to check out some more rides tune into "Cycling with Jimmy Bee" blog.


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