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Imagine, you've just awoken from a beautiful peaceful sleep, the Autumn sun is casting it's rays through your bedroom window and you roll over and say to your partner, "How about we ride over to Wello Point and have breakfast." From the other side of the bed all you receive is a lot of groans but you're not having any of this, you have made up your mind and thats that!
Having had a hot shower, the mood has changed dramatically and the idea is embraced enthusiastically.

Cleveland Harbour

Harbourside, Cleveland.

The bikes are stoked and you're on your way, riding alongside the harbour taking in the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from the many outlets in this vicinity. You're tempted to stop but you know after a brisk ride the coffee, breakfast and second cup of coffee are going to taste a lot better. The tempo quickens and before you know it you're riding through Dundas Street Bushland Reserve and beside Hilliard's creek, keeping a wary eye out for the local wildlife. In no time at all you have passed under Sturgeon Street, across Hilliard's Creek  and through Fellmonger Park onto Starkey Street. There is a little on- road riding to be done here.

Pathway along Hilliard's Creek

Ducks on Hilliard's Creek

Once you have reached The Wellington Point Wetland, and before you get to Frederick Street, there is an entrance via Ethel Street to another tract of bushland with both sealed and unsealed shared track which will take you through to Station Street. Cross the railway bridge on the right and head North along Fernbourne Road. It's here that it becomes a little tricky. By taking it easy along this road you will find a short track on your left which will take you onto a boardwalk running beside Jacob Street. When reaching Duke Street. continue on through O'Connell Parade until you reach Main Road.

Having reached this point, a momentous decision has to be made depending on how hungry you are or whether you wish to burn a few more carbs. before having breakfast. If the latter decision is made and you will be proud of yourself if you make this decision, turn right on Main Road and head for the Point. What a beautiful sight, water on three sides with a park in the centre. Take a few minutes to soak in the view before climbing back up the hill that you descended shortly before to burn off those extra carbs, before settling in at reFuelled situated at 1/354 Main Road, Wellington Point,  a kickback, casual little cafe with pavement seating under a beautiful Poinciana tree. This is  a favourite spot for many cyclists at weekends. A unique feature of this cafe is it's connection to a French themed Patisserie, BITTeRSWeeT, a few doors up. They are more than happy for you to purchase one of their delights and bring it back to consume at your table. If it is just after pay day you may wish to indulge yourself by purchasing a couple extra to consume at your leisure.

If unfamiliar with the area, a map showing  bike paths can be obtained from Redlands on Moreton Bay Visitor Centre


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