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Day 2 The backroads of Orbost

This was to be the start of our ride but before we headed off, we had to take on fuel and we could find no better place than a little cafe called Chooky's Roost, in the main street of Orbost to satisfy our needs.

Chooky's Roost

On arrival back at the Motel we were met by Liz our organiser, the proprietor of Snowy River Cycling. As this was a self guided tour, we had a discussion with Liz as to how we were going to tackle the trail and also received our  maps and relevant information. Liz had recommended that we spend the first day touring the back roads and tracks around Orbost and along the Snowy River.


Orbost is a pretty, clean and robust small town with a population of nearly 2,500. It is situated 375 kilometres east of Melbourne on the Princess Highway where it crosses the Snowy River.

Apart from tourism which is playing an increasing role due to it's close proximity to Marlo (16k) on the coast of Bass Straight. It is also the service centre for the rural industries of beef, dairy and timber for the region.

The township is close to several national parks including the Snowy River, Alpine and Cape Conrad National Parks, making it a great base camp for bush walking and cycling, both recreational and mountain biking.

The surrounding district of Orbost.

Right from the start there was a feeling of relaxation and excitement, almost electrifying. Everyone was enjoying themselves immensely. Having come from Queensland, the first thing which was noticeable was the soft quality of the light and the crispness in the air. It was perfect from both a cyclist and a photographer's point of view.

Snowy River

Even though rain was threatening, it came as a surprise when the heavens opened and everyone was drenched. It was a wise move to return to Orbost, have lunch and wait until the rain lifted. It wasn't to be, instead it became heavier and the afternoon's ride was called off. Thanks to the generosity of our hosts we were given the opportunity of using their dryer. It was a wonderful gesture as otherwise we would have had to travel the next day with wet clothing in our packs.

This story is being told over 6 separate posts. The next post will be Day 3 Orbost to Tostaree.

Tour was organised by Snowy River Cycling


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