Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Day 5. Lakes Entrance to Swan Reach
Prior to breakfast, I sat and watched the native birds feed and chorus in the new day. I always come away fom watching birds feeding, playing, flying and listening to the sounds they make feeling serene.
The first leg of our journey took us to Bruthen and we had a tail wind which helped speed things along.
We retraced our journey back to the rail trail, where the country started to open up into small farms. I noticed a number of what appeared to be hop kilns to the left as we approached Bruthen unfortunately they were too distant to photograph successfully..

As we left the Colquhoun State Forest, the trail crossed the Bruthen-Nowa Nowa Road twice before crossing the beautiful Tambo River and entering Bruthen which is a great place to stop and refuel. There's a number of shops catering for the inner needs of hungry cyclists as well as looking for that unusual gift for the one left at home. The park in the centre of town has good facilities where you can just sit and relax and watch the world go by, or view the ejector seat and read about the RAAF Avon jet fighter that crashed on the outskirts of town on 27th November 1958.
There was good evidence of just how much the touring cyclists assist the economy of the tiny towns dotted along the trail. There were fourteen of us and probably another ten or so Medico Mamils (middle aged men in lycra) doing a charity ride from Melbourne to Canberra all stopping and spending the odd dollar or two.
For those with a thirst only quenched by the taste of "ale" there is also the boutique Bullant Brewery overkooking the adjacent farmland. Unfortunately for us and the brewery, it was closed on the Monday we were there.

About 12 km west of Bruthen, the trail went through two old rail tunnels and then meandered through bush and farmland until we turned left into Swan Reach-Bruthen Road. A little further on and we were at Tambo Park Cottages

Once again our accommodation was spot on. Everything we needed was catered for.

After a quick ride around the district we returned to the cottages, showered and had a leisurely glass or two of wine before being picked up by our organiser, Liz from Snowy River Cycling and ferried to an hotel at Nicholson for dinner. Normally, the hotel's dining area is closed on a Monday night, however, Liz persuaded management to open and as it turned out there were other patrons looking for a meal as well.

After a pleasant evening, a quick call was made and Liz returned and conveyed us back to our accommodation at Swan Reach.

This story is being told over 6 separate posts  with the next post....  Swan Reach to Bairnsdale.

Tour was organised by Snowy River Cycling   www.snowyrivercycling.com.au


Jimmy Bee

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