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Before we commence this ride, let me explain a little about the Redlands Indigiscape Centre. I'll be brief because with a little dab of your finger on the link, all will be revealed. Opening in February 2000 and situated in Capalaba, this centre of learning, an initiative of the Redland City Council, features only plants native to the area. As it was designed as a learning centre for both adult and children, it is an ideal place to bring the family. There is plenty of open space for a picnic and even a barbecue, play areas for the kids, flying fox, maze and a number of trails to explore. Whilst the younger members of the family are entertaining themselves, the adults can relax over a coffee or tea with maybe a snack or a light lunch in the Tea Garden cafe.
Tea Garden Cafe in the background
It had been awhile since our group had made the ride to Indigiscapes and it was decided to try a slightly different route entering via the back door off Timbarra Court instead of through the normal entrance, Runnymede Road.

Flinders Street Pathway


Flinders Street Pathway
Entrance to Scribbly Gums Mountain Bike Trail


Our ride started at the Cleveland entrance to Flinders Street shared pathway which runs through to McDonald Road in Alexandra Hills. This path is fun to ride, being constructed of concrete, bordered by virgin bush on both sides, undulating terrain and curving bridgework over Hilliards Creek. For those who enjoy riding bush trails, a couple of gates as depicted above lead you into an area frequented by mountain bikers. I took my 12 y.o. grandson here last September holidays and he loved it.

The above photograph depicts a drain crossing Flinders Street.  Be very aware not to hit this drain at speed. It is not highly visible until close to it and is very much a trap for the unwary.

On reaching the end of Flinders Street, turn left into the Scribbly Gums Nature Reserve. This is another pleasant section of the ride as the path meanders through the reserve all the way to Vienna Road. You now have a decision to make, either you elect to ride on the marked bike lane or choose to follow the footpath. Either way, you continue to ride until reaching Redland Bay Road. Cross this busy road with care. You will now be riding down Lyndon Road. Follow this road until you reach Korawal Court and proceed for approximately 300m where you will see the signed entrance to Indigiscapes.


The trails are in keeping with the natural bushland

A natural Australian bush setting

The trails through Indigiscapes are dirt and in the main, narrow and the corners blind, so be extra cautious when riding through here, particularly at weekends when there can be a lot of people including little children wandering through the bush.

Tea Garden Cafe
 You should find the ride to and through Indigiscapes both enjoyable and educational and if nothing else it sure is relaxing and they do serve a very nice iced coffee.

There are a number of ways in which to return to Cleveland Railway Station but for the purpose of this exercise, the easiest and shortest, is to retrace the same route. I have included a map which should assist but I would advise using it in conjunction with a more detailed map or a GPS system.


 Because, our group the Peddling Pathfinders predominantly uses paths and trails, I have found the GPSies system to be the most helpful . It is a German system but can be translated to English.

Ride Information:
Skill level: Easy
Surface: Sealed road and bikeways, concrete paths and compacted dirt.
Fitness required: Moderate
Distance: 16km return
Bike required: Any bike in good working order.

If you are a visitor to the Redlands, you may wish to avail yourself of some of the other trails, of which there are many, the majority of which are excellent, both for the single rider and groups including family as well. Throughout the past year, I have written a number of posts detailing some of these rides.

 Cheers and safe riding,

Jimmy Bee

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